Had been recommended to stop by Mar-Bella and also despite the remote place, it had been worth the trip to experience this superb place/view of the sea, the sensationally fresh fish, delicious taste and also a reference to Erick who was outstanding in his ceremony! Thank you and will return!

In the exterior resembles nothing special. The restaurant has an excellent view and very very great food in addition to the regular excellent service that you get nearly everywhere in Mexico. Very recommendable but sometimes quite busy so take your title along with a little courtesy beer then appreciate.

This area turned out to be far more than anticipated. It’s challenging to discover and does not offer you a”first impression” warm welcoming (you must go into a small grocery store and climb a spiral staircase). However, as soon as you get settled, this area provides a beautiful terrace ocean view setting. There are not any menus so that you can seek advice from your server for the day’s specials, or receive up and read in the board list the times catch.

The food is wonderful! Worth the excursion. DELICIOUS! When it arrived at the invoice, we believed it to be a reasonable price.

MAN OH MAN allow me to inform you about this location Mar-Bella… I enjoy more of a neighborhood feel once I travel, and upon face value when walking to the industry downstairs seems to be just a regular convenience shop, and even once you walk up the staircase, it is a new fish market. This food has to be the very best seafood in Cancun. The support is excellent PLEASE request ALEX GARCIA I can not speak for anybody else, but his support is phenomenal. He recommends awesome places and tours like the cozumel tours by cab to see the island.

Easily the best groundwork of octopus I’ve ever had. Mar-Bella style. He had been extraordinarily informative and beneficial. He advocated the tamarind margarita, and it certainly hit the spot. Spectacular views and quite conveniently situated.

Food is wonderful. Location is inside what sounds a convenience shop. There’s not any menu that you pay per g of whatever fish you purchase. The only thing I don’t like at this location is shrimp.