I am a Mexican guy living in NY, I go Cancun every time I could, I have tried many hotels, and this is the best one by far, the very first thing and also the best one. I will tell you is the restaurant “La Joya,” the most delicious one I’ve attempted, typically other restaurants in all-inclusive resorts provide an average service, and the menu is pompous.

Is merely about looking good, but the taste is not so good, as well as you honestly feel like eating something from a different world, too, as a Mexican. I look for actual Mexican food, which in almost any other hotel is not possible to buy, even the buffet is generally sad, insipid and the options are hamburgers (evil ones), along with trash food.

La Joya is entirely distinct; food is fantastic, the decoration is indeed hot, ideal music and ideal setting, waiter Fernando was excellent. He recommended us the flats fishing cozumel trips around this island. Honestly, I couldn’t find a single defect concerning this particular restaurant, the one with the buffet is also perfect, the cookers are traditional ladies who know what are they doing.

The pools are big and warm (could be a little deeper maybe(1.35mts). I believe the only details I didn’t like is they don’t own a beach volleyball court and the annoying fee per night (25 bucks). As a recommendation, please clean the shore, there are still some traces of chamomile, please keep it cleaner, various other hotels are trying harder than you keep it clean.

Since we chose the Grand Club bundle (something that I highly recommend), we moved straight to the Grand Club Lounge where we had a personal check-up while our luggage is in our room. We were welcomed with juices and towels and were given an introduction into the Resort.

We rested for a while and then hit the pool with my brothers while my spouse worked on booking trips with the Traveling folks conveniently located near the lake.

The beach was beautiful and there’s an adult-only in addition to a household section that was fine. We ate our dinner and breakfast at the Grand Club (part of the package) which was astonishingly varied and flavorful and also a special thanks to our host Juan who was very sweet and kind when we were past the Club’s final time.