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Great experience

Very well localized, the team is amiable, check in and check out fast, Rich free breakfast, spotless, excellent wifi, and free pc usage. The mattress is exceptionally comfortable, and the shower allows a reliable stream.

Lovely hotel in downtown. A lot of eating places across along with a grocery store in walking distance. Currency exchange in the resort was a bonus. The staff has been friendly and quite useful – recommending stuff like the trikes cozumel facebook tour in Mexico. If we have a trip again, we’d certainly stay there and would recommend my friends and loved ones.

Fantastic resort! Room was somewhat small but clean and comfy. Breakfast has been phenomenal! The resort is across the strain from the bus that takes you to the drops.

Fantastic hotel for the cost! You can literally make your one meal of the day. Gluten-free possibilities, Rafael was beautiful and a superb server, leaving you to feel incredibly cared for.

The place was super easy, only a block from the bus terminal and at a fantastic part of the town.

A particular reference to our superb housekeeper, Aline, that not just cleaned the room nicely, but also made cute animals out of the towels.

I really like this resort! I saw a beautiful sunrise in the restaurant! Pretty close in the drops. It’s a modern decoration, beautiful rooms, and a hot pool. Affordable, comfy, and clean. Friendly staff and superb customer services. It’s an excellent breakfast.

Great hotel right on Copacabana beach!

This resort is the best place to call home during your journey to Rio. It is ideally situated near the famed Copacabana Palace hotel. The lobby is amazing. Pool on the top floor is smallish, but the views are high, and there is a fantastic bar. And the restaurant has an excellent buffet breakfast.

As soon as we return to Rio, this could be a high pick hotel for me personally.

No other hotels have balconies. Reason 1 to stay here. We had a suite, that’s the size of two chambers, with a balcony. It’s like taking a cruise, inside the cabin, porthole view, or a gallery? Space 701 overlooking Copacabana beach? Yes! Skilled personnel from check in to check out. They suggested great activities such as a mini submarine tour in cozumel Mexico!

Fabulous! I already miss the noise of the pounding surf mixed in with all the faint music coming from the shore bars throughout the street. Do not be afraid to reserve a room.

What a great place for a hotel! Right on the beach in Copacabana with a gorgeous rooftop pool and bar area from which you can see Christ The Redeemer. While our room faced a side road, we had a nice little balcony where we’d observe the beach to our left and right Christ The Redeemer to our appropriate – all lit up at night in its glory. The breakfast was delicious and the staff excellent and would definitely recommend it to friends going to Rio.

We love this hotel! Great staff, they were friendly and attentive. The service was exceptional in the entire hotel. The breakfast was delicious, there were many different fruits and fruit juices. We really liked it. We couldn’t imagine a much better perspective on Copacabana beach. The resort also includes shore assistance, that was ideal for us.

In the beach support, the employees were always attentive and friendly, too. We felt comfortable in the PortoBay Hotel Rio de Janeiro at our entire stay. We can certainly recommend that resort.

North East Brazil Summerville Resort

Summerville Beach Resort in Muro Alto is a particular place to go, relax, exercise, enjoy the beautiful sea, and eat well, really well.

My family of 4 just spent 6 days at this beautiful property. Really 5 stars. All the information is taken care of. Marco was extraordinary anticipating every movement and being there to function. Same with Maria, Rallhoney and the rest of the restaurant staff.

The reception group was super world class. Dedeo, tia Andreia and all the club into an amusement people were great. We loved the food, its variety, and quality. It changed, and the chef held back nothing. The staff knew us personally from day one. Wow. We HIGHLY recommend it. The beach offers a lot of life and options, the pools are boundless. We’ll return.

This was among the best stays I have had for a seminar. Helpful staff, good food, clean rooms, excellent pool and close access to the shore for swimming just 300 meters off and sunbathing instantly behind the hotel. I definitely recommend it!

This is a superb hotel for children. The grounds and pool were scenic. Many child-friendly facilities. The beds were quite comfy, and the room well air-conditioned.

Meals were buffet style except for a single restaurant that was only accessible for 3 times per week. The staff was accommodating and eager to address any of our concerns – one of them told me about some awesome atv in cozumel mexico excursions for my party. Very longshore and impressive all-natural pools.

This was among the best stays I’ve needed for a seminar. Helpful staff, fantastic food, clean rooms, beautiful pool, and private access to the shore for swimming only 300 meters away and sunbathing immediately behind the hotel. I certainly recommend it!

Three days in Maceio

My loved ones and I spent one night in the hotel on the approach to Maragogi. We’d came 2am and we were not obtained appropriately.

The coffee was delicious with a great deal of variety, and also the ceremony much more appropriated. The beach in front of the Resort is filthy ( plenty of trash around the sand) so that we gave up to go close to the ocean. I believe for a single night may be a fantastic alternative, but for invest more days not a fantastic idea. Generally speaking my perception is: requires improvement.

Is a seafront resort without good places around. It is a wonderful spot to simply relax and remain on the shore. The support is great and the food is typical – staff suggested the cozumel snuba tours to my family.

It’s a very good place to come however support is something which they will need to enhance! There’s not any wonderful bar near! Far from downtown and airport!

I just stayed for a couple hours but I had a nice stay. Rooms are large and comfy and they look contemporary. They might get an iron however. Breakfast includes a fantastic selection, the local fruit has been very nice and you’ve got a fantastic beach view.

Stunning resort. Friendly staff. Room was clean and big, I had been traveling with a buddy and they place us in an area with two large double beds, which was amazing; fine and tidy toilet; complimentary wi-fi. I’m not a TV watcher myself, therefore I can’t vouch for the choices they give. Wonderful breakfast, tons of alternatives. Do not have the time to try out the pool, however, it’s in front of a shore, so the view was fine.

The resort’s biggest drawback is the advice they provide and help to reserve anything in Brazil is very limited. The food was okay but nothing that special. Local tastes weren’t that original or diverse. Breakfast was quite nice however, with many choices.

Just for seafood lovers

Had been recommended to stop by Mar-Bella and also despite the remote place, it had been worth the trip to experience this superb place/view of the sea, the sensationally fresh fish, delicious taste and also a reference to Erick who was outstanding in his ceremony! Thank you and will return!

In the exterior resembles nothing special. The restaurant has an excellent view and very very great food in addition to the regular excellent service that you get nearly everywhere in Mexico. Very recommendable but sometimes quite busy so take your title along with a little courtesy beer then appreciate.

This area turned out to be far more than anticipated. It’s challenging to discover and does not offer you a”first impression” warm welcoming (you must go into a small grocery store and climb a spiral staircase). However, as soon as you get settled, this area provides a beautiful terrace ocean view setting. There are not any menus so that you can seek advice from your server for the day’s specials, or receive up and read in the board list the times catch.

The food is wonderful! Worth the excursion. DELICIOUS! When it arrived at the invoice, we believed it to be a reasonable price.

MAN OH MAN allow me to inform you about this location Mar-Bella… I enjoy more of a neighborhood feel once I travel, and upon face value when walking to the industry downstairs seems to be just a regular convenience shop, and even once you walk up the staircase, it is a new fish market. This food has to be the very best seafood in Cancun. The support is excellent PLEASE request ALEX GARCIA I can not speak for anybody else, but his support is phenomenal. He recommends awesome places and tours like the cozumel tours by cab to see the island.

Easily the best groundwork of octopus I’ve ever had. Mar-Bella style. He had been extraordinarily informative and beneficial. He advocated the tamarind margarita, and it certainly hit the spot. Spectacular views and quite conveniently situated.

Food is wonderful. Location is inside what sounds a convenience shop. There’s not any menu that you pay per g of whatever fish you purchase. The only thing I don’t like at this location is shrimp.

Excellent service and food

ur supper was fantastic including a beautiful sunset, and the service was excellent. We had great appetizers. My only complaint is the fish in the paella was unpeeled and paring them was cluttered, and all the paella flavor didn’t get in the shrimp. However, I am not going to take away any points for that– wish to create management aware of this.

Such a fantastic and tasty experience. The team modified our order to order because live lobsters parade made me NOT want anything with lobster in it. The king crab and snow crab. Not as sweet as can get in Florida (snow crab) but so yummy. Also got to see a crocodile swimming.

Go to view a sunset. Sit outside. Doesn’t get more beautiful. Romantic but for the people who bring their children and allow them to run like it is a playground. Enjoy how parents prefer to ruin everybody else’s a good time.

Very much enjoyed even with the other folks’ overindulged kids being spoiled brats. However, since found across from high-end hotels, to be expected, I suppose. Some people of the staff talked to us about the snorkeling tours in cozumel because we wanted to see beautiful reeds and beaches.

My spouse and I had dinner in Crab House Cancun on March 18th. The service, meal, and atmosphere were excellent. Erubey was our host and did a fantastic job taking care of us. We had the crocodile for an appetizer and filet, king crab and Caribbean lobster for dinner.

All were superb. We also spoke with Richard Gil, the proprietor, to let him know how much we loved our dinner. I highly urge Crab House Cancun. We will return in November, and this can be a place for lunch on our list.

This place is amazing. The Crab was from the world. Our waiters Edel and Fernando were all incredible. They’re attentive but not overbearing. We visited some times on our eight-day trip.

Again…. excellent dinner!

This restaurant was in existence for many decades, and we’d seen them because of a very long time past! Again, this time it was a very excellent seafood dinner. Their lobster at its very best! One hint of advice: DO NOT try to go to supper (in high season ), with no reservation… either you’ll have a long wait or will reject because the location is full from 6 PM to 11 PM.

If you go to Cancun, don’t overlook The Classic Lorenzillo”s restaurant. The restaurant is located on the lagoon side and gives you a spectacular view. The service is second to none, and we’re well taken care. The meal was excellent and very well presented. The shrimps were big and well prepared. The rest of the dishes were also perfect according to another couple, with the fish they’d being very fresh and quite a large portion.

We were treated to a character show of sorts once the manager coaxed a set of crocodiles over by our deck while we were dining. He pitched the larger one a lobster shell, and we got to see the big croc down it,¡. What a show! So if you go to Cancun give this Classic Restaurant an opportunity, I think you will be quite delighted.

We came for my bday – everything was perfect! The 10oz Steak (about $45) with sides is a huge plate – that I could only eat half! Their signature drink was perfect “Claricot” like sangria but better! The team sang to me and gave me a miniature triple chocolate cake – the best I’ve ever had! Hats off to the Wonderful staff! They suggested awesome stuff like the cozumel jeep tour for families and big groups. Can not wait to return. I suggest sitting out to the deck – fantastic views including lots of crocodiles! Salud / cheers buddies! Ps- they’re open late – we arrived at, and the place was packed! Fantastic EATS!

We attempt to generate a halt to Lorenzillo’s every visit to Cancun. I started using the Oysters Rockefeller. There were 2 or 3 oysters in every shell, and they were delicious. The waiter was accommodating and told me that a complete order had eight oysters so that he offered half dictate that was perfect. My daughter started with the lobster bisque which was also fantastic. I received the lobster meunière- heaps of lobster meat.

My daughter got the shrimp scampi. 1 excellent choice is that the half bottles of wine. The sunset is almost always a gorgeous setting – if you’re planning to be there for sunset get a table outdoors. There’s also a terrace where you may have a beverage for the evening and then go inside for dinner. The crocodiles that trip are always a big draw as well. We’ll certainly be back next time we are in Cancun.

We moved here to meet friends, and it was so amazing that we went back the next day for lunch. The seafood is fantastic here (highly urge that the sea bass) the lobster is refreshing if you like it that they cook it 20 distinct ways.

Incredibly good, best traditional cuisine I have ever tasted in Cancun

I am a Mexican guy living in NY, I go Cancun every time I could, I have tried many hotels, and this is the best one by far, the very first thing and also the best one. I will tell you is the restaurant “La Joya,” the most delicious one I’ve attempted, typically other restaurants in all-inclusive resorts provide an average service, and the menu is pompous.

Is merely about looking good, but the taste is not so good, as well as you honestly feel like eating something from a different world, too, as a Mexican. I look for actual Mexican food, which in almost any other hotel is not possible to buy, even the buffet is generally sad, insipid and the options are hamburgers (evil ones), along with trash food.

La Joya is entirely distinct; food is fantastic, the decoration is indeed hot, ideal music and ideal setting, waiter Fernando was excellent. He recommended us the flats fishing cozumel trips around this island. Honestly, I couldn’t find a single defect concerning this particular restaurant, the one with the buffet is also perfect, the cookers are traditional ladies who know what are they doing.

The pools are big and warm (could be a little deeper maybe(1.35mts). I believe the only details I didn’t like is they don’t own a beach volleyball court and the annoying fee per night (25 bucks). As a recommendation, please clean the shore, there are still some traces of chamomile, please keep it cleaner, various other hotels are trying harder than you keep it clean.

Since we chose the Grand Club bundle (something that I highly recommend), we moved straight to the Grand Club Lounge where we had a personal check-up while our luggage is in our room. We were welcomed with juices and towels and were given an introduction into the Resort.

We rested for a while and then hit the pool with my brothers while my spouse worked on booking trips with the Traveling folks conveniently located near the lake.

The beach was beautiful and there’s an adult-only in addition to a household section that was fine. We ate our dinner and breakfast at the Grand Club (part of the package) which was astonishingly varied and flavorful and also a special thanks to our host Juan who was very sweet and kind when we were past the Club’s final time.

Fantastic Family Vacation

We just returned home from a week in Crown Paradise Club. We are a family of 5 with three kids aged 4, 7, and 9. We loved every aspect of this hotel, and each one of us had a fantastic holiday.

The room was clean and very well maintained each day, with the housekeeping team leaving special surprises for the girls on two events (paper flowers and balloons). There was lots of choice in meals, and at each restaurant (buffet and specialty ) everyone always had something that they appreciated. The specialty restaurants were quite accommodating with the children’ orders and always brought their meals fast. In the buffet, Rubicel along with his spouse (whose name I forget) were always fast to find and clear us a table and bring us anything we needed. They’re both very friendly as well.

We spent a great deal of time in the quieter pool with the main activity pool and always found seats. Joel Mex was our amazing poolside server and has been very friendly and attentive. Our girls loved the child’s club. They had an excellent variety of actions as well as also the pool and waterslide facilities there offered hours of fun. ALL that the kid’s club workers were helpful, engaging, and enjoyable!

We all also loved the big waterslides, and the two older girls had a fantastic time on the rock climbing wall and zip line. Carlos and Alfonso (Alfresco?) Who conducted the zip line and climbing wall were encouraging and made lots of pleasure for the children. They suggested to take the cozumel discover scuba tours. The night shows were lots of fun, and it was nice to have some entertaining to do together as a family each evening after supper.

The beach was magnificent, and we went swimming with the children several times. There were waves, but not a series undertow so if you go out beyond the break, it’s interesting to bob around in the water. I would certainly go back to Crown Paradise and would recommend it to any family looking for an enjoyable and relaxing holiday!

We stayed at Crown paradise Cancun from March 27 to April 1, 2018. It was the best vacation experience we had. Check in was smooth. They served with a welcome drink upon arrival. Got upgraded honeymoon package with amazing views. Fernanda made us yummy omellete every morning. Israel and another server in the adult section kept our glasses full of drinks. We were so pleased with everyone’s service.

Beach was fantastic. All ala carte restaurants were good for supper, and the buffet choice is excellent too with different menus regular. Room service was good. A minibar was refilled every day and highly recommended for a holiday in Cancun. Hope to see Crown paradise club.

Awesome Italian Restaurant

We don’t usually eat Italian outside since it’s not hard to whip pasta in your home. We’d heard amazing things about La Fate and weren’t disappointed.

The staff is charming and attentive. La Fate is an excellent neighborhood spot that’s just perfect once you don’t wish to create dinner or you also would like take out. It’ll be one of those regular spots.

The chef, Margaret, is only a superb and careful chef. She took our dinner options, describing each entree. You can assess the menu on Facebook. The wood-fired pizza appeared outstanding, though none of the five entrees was pizza.

We were walking into a unique Italian restaurant indicated to us when we passed Le Fate also it seemed like what we were following. It didn’t disappoint! The setting is that of a classic Italian restaurant, with a real sense of home. A young chef makes the food (whom you may see cooking windows) who seemed to completely adore what she’s doing and genuinely cares about the craft of cooking. We also get recommendations for cozumel fishing near the shore.

Our fish pasta dishes were ideal and were what we had been craving. Ramon was the young guy that served us and that he was great. He had been friendly and made us feel welcome since we arrived in and let us know just how much of a joy it had been for him to possess us to dine with him. The proprietor came and spoke to us for a little while about where we’re from and informed us that his favorite series was Grimm, that we take at our hometown of Portland which he enjoys David Giuntoli, and everything Italian.

They also made us feel like family, and when we had been departing the next morning we’d have decided to come back! We highly propose Le Fate of you wind up in the region!

An uncut diamond from the rough tucked away at a residential area. In the very first taste of the toasted homemade bread into the lemon pie/cheesecake pleasure, was a superb experience all around. We had been blown off by the spaghetti bolognese and that I adored the margarita pizza. Was also quite reasonably priced and clean washrooms. Recommended place.